17: Getting Life'd and Living a Badass Life with Christine Conti

Today I sit down with The IDEA World 2023 Fitness Professional of the Year, Christine Conti. She is an international fitness educator, chronic disease wellness specialist, and CEO of Conti: a woman-owned enterprise offering keynote speaking, chronic disease wellness, mindset coaching and continuing education for fitness professionals, schools, and private companies. Christine is the best-selling author of SPLIT-SECOND COURAGE, the podcast host of the Two Fit Crazies & a Microphone Podcast, co-founder of REINVENTING THE WOMAN INTERNATIONAL, a triathlete guide for special needs athletes, and a 4x IRONMAN. After receiving a life-changing diagnosis at age thirty, this former investment banker/English teacher believes that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!




Thanks for listening whether you were folding laundry, going for a walk or whatever other multi-tasking you were getting after. I am having so much fun sharing and connecting with you, badass!


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