19: The Feisty Entrepreneur

Today I sit down with with an incredible baddie. I’ve had the utmost respect for this guest for years. Not only is she one heck of an athlete, she pours her work into women in sport and is leading the way to a more inclusive culture for not just female athletes, but for all active women and girls. Today’s guest is Sara Gross, the founder and CEO of Fiesta Media. Sara is a phenomenal go-getter with a Ph.D. in Women’s History, 13 years of competing as a professional triathlete, a 2-time IRONMAN winner and creative badass. Join in on the convo of where this company started, the impact it has and what the future holds (hint, it’s badass!!)


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Thanks for listening whether you were folding laundry, going for a walk or whatever other multi-tasking you were getting after. I am having so much fun sharing and connecting with you, badass!


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