23: Forever Strong Summit with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Recap

Last month I got the opportunity to fight ice storms to go to Austin, TX and attend the very first Forever Strong Summit with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. There were several presenters that spoke at the summit covering all aspects of health and longevity. The summit was full of doctors, scientists, coaches, and like-minded badass people. Today I'm hitting the highlights and things that stood out for me to share and bring you all in to the arena.

Make sure to check out the Forever Strong book as well and consider putting this summit on your radar for next year!

Speakers mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, founder of Muscle Centric Medicine, author Forever Strong

Ben Newman, performance coach and host of The Burn podcast

Molly Galbraith of Girls Gone Strong

Don Salidino, coach and fitness entrepreneur

Evy Poumpouris, journalist and author

Dr. Mary Claire Haver, OBGYN and founder of the 'Pause Life

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Thanks for listening whether you were folding laundry, going for a walk or whatever other multi-tasking you were getting after. I am having so much fun sharing and connecting with you, badass!

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