24: Buffing Your Muff in Menopause with the Vagina Coach Kim Vopni

Today I sit down with Kim Vopni, the Vagina Coach. Kim is a leading authority in health & fitness coaching for women with pelvic floor dysfunction. She has helped thousands of women (including herself) learn how to do pelvic floor exercises, ditch the incontinence pads,  eliminate their prolapse symptoms and get back to living life to the fullest!

We know there are numerous changes that happen as we age but did you know that your muscle fibers in the pelvic floor change in menopause? Did you know we should be paying attention to our pelvic floor just like we do our dentist appointments? Did you know that we lose collagen? We are talking much deeper than kegels on this one! The pelvic floor is the foundation of the core and Kim helps us learn how to activate and relax the pelvic floor to guard against low back pain, chronic aches, prolapse, leaking and more. Hop on into this episode to hear about her Buff Muff Method to retrain the reaction time of the pelvic floor, build strength and capacity of the muscles, and how to lift heavy shit without having issues. You’ll also learn how to care for your vaginal tissues and set yourself up for success through menopause.


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