27: Walking Through Fire to Take Off the Masks We Wear with Dr. Jennifer Blossom

Dr. Blossom is a highly-rated mental health and peak performance keynote speaker with 9+ years of experience with individuals, groups, private retreats, and organizations. Her sought after events and speaking engagements are centered around internal transformation by infusing a unique blend of neuroscience, high-caliber performance, and inner-peace to help high achievers and high-achieving organizations generate new levels of success and impact- without the emotional overwhelm, stress, or burnout.


She is the host of the top-rated iTunes podcast, The Dr. Jennifer Blossom Show- with over 1 million downloads, and is a nationally sought-after speaker with features across a variety of television and podcast platforms including Fox News, CW, The Connect Network, and multiple podcast and radio stations.


Dr. Blossom was born and raised in Alaska and currently resides in Washington state with her husband and two young boys.


Today on the Badass Reset Club we talk about when we take off the masks we wear, we can begin to transform our biggest roadblocks in business as leaders and in our relationships. Dr. Blossom helps us to understand the masks we are wearing that impact our personal and professional lives. Her gentle approach to that deep understanding helps us to see our true authenticity. Listen in to Dr. Blossom's coaching program that is launching this April.


Link to unmasked assessment/waitlist: https://square-field-536.myflodesk.com/rkhw2jrhm8

IG: @drjenniferblossom

Podcast: The Dr Jennifer Blossom Show


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